The Garrote

A powerful mercenary group who will take on the biggest jobs for a price.

  • Appeared in the world overnight
  • Very selective and very secretive about their inner workings
  • They are a mixture of assassin’s and mercenaries
  • Will take on most any job for a price, if the person hiring cannot pay, they often use any means necessary to get the money. If they don’t get paid, they will often release the evil they captured, undo what they did, or wreak havoc upon the client forcing them to pay whatever they can and more.
  • Formerly called The Lords of Shadow, I’m an idiot and couldn’t remember their name and that was the first silly thing that popped in my head.

The Garrote’s reputation is built on twp principles: getting the job done (and keeping it done), and absolute loyalty among its members. There are killers and bullies and then there are perfectionists in the fine arts of extermination.

Medium and high ranking members of The Garrote are often accompanied by lower ranking members hoping to work their ways up in the organization to learn its secrets and gain its powers.

The Garrote

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