The Shadow Rift

XP Report 4/26/11
April 26th XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (4800XP)
  • Entrance Guardians (3520XP)
  • Wisp Nest (2533XP)
  • Hallway Encounter (3987XP)
  • The Book of Life (4800XP)

Experience points earned this session: 19640

  • Total XP for campaign: 139695
  • Current level after game: 19
  • XP to next level: 3305

Roleplaying Rewards (4800)

  • Magic Mirror (2400 XP)
  • The Book of Life (2400 XP)

Entrance Guardians (3520 XP)

  • Prismatic Wisp x2 (1120 XP)
  • Darting Wisp x1 (640 XP)
  • Lurking Wisp x1 (640 XP)
  • Lingering Wisp x2 (1120 XP)

Wisp Nest (2533 XP)

  • Fleeting Wisp x8 (1067 XP)
  • Lingering Wisp x2 (933 XP)
  • Lurking Wisp x1 (533 XP)

Hallway Encounter (3987 XP)

  • Fleeting Wisp x8 (1387 XP)
  • Lurking Wisp x2 (1387 XP)
  • Prismatic Wisp x2 (1213 XP)

The Book of Life (4800 XP)

  • Angel of Vengeance x1 (1400 XP)
  • Angel of Radiance x1 (1400 XP)
  • Angel of Thunder x2 (1000 XP)
  • Angel of Lightning x2 (1000 XP)
XP Report 4/13/11
April 13th XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (3500XP)
  • Ruke’El, the Small (2958XP)
  • Temple Stairs (2427XP)
  • Ruke’El, the Small? (4350XP)
  • Mountain Pass (3901XP)

Experience points earned this session: 17136

  • Total XP for campaign: 120055
  • Current level after game: 19
    • Level up
  • XP to next level: 22945

Roleplaying Rewards (3500)

  • Conversations with Dead Things (1000 XP)
  • Bad Dream Fight (2500 XP)

Ruke’El, the Small (2958 XP)

  • Guardian of the Wind x2 (1167 XP)
  • Ruke’El, the Small x1 (1167 XP)
  • Spell Shards x6 (625 XP)

Temple Stairs (2427 XP)

  • Greater Air Elemental x1 (607 XP)
  • Hestavar Racing Drake x1 (607 XP)
  • Vulture Drake x2 (1213 XP)

Ruke’El, the Small? (4350 XP)

  • Ruke’El x1 (3383 XP)
  • Air Whip x1 (483 XP)
  • Spell Shards x4 (483 XP)

Mountain Pass (3901 XP)

  • Frost Giant Chieftan x1 (723 XP)
  • Frost Giant Shield Bearer x2 (1033 XP)
  • Blood Swarm White Dragon x1 (2144 XP)
The Drowned Dragon
March 3rd, 2011 Game Summary
  • The party decided to that it would be good to go to Willow for any supplies before venturing out
    • Balik Boondoggle and Voltaire decided it would be best if they went since they could move quicker and without notice.
    • Upon arriving at Willow, they found the town completely empty and the fruit tree dead.
    • When Voltaire opened up the tavern and goods shop, he saw several of the citizens covered in dark water.
    • Voltaire and Balik started to fly away when a lich appeared behind them.
    • The lich started talking about the darkness and how they were tainted
    • Before the lich could attack, Voltaire and Balik flew back to Madeline Melamie’s grove.
    • Balik and Voltaire informed the party that Willow was no more.
  • The party decided to go to the next temple they knew the location of, the Temple of Earth.
    • Madeline had marked this temple as birthplace.
    • The temple was located in the crystal crater that the party had found shortly after arriving on the shadow plane
    • The pool of dark water was there, but they didn’t see anything rise out of it.
    • Gate found a cave behind the wall of fruit and another inside the dark water
  • The door behind the fruit led down to what looked like a dungeon created by the dwarves.
    • The walls of the stair way leading down was covered in mad scribblings
      • The light you bring will die. The light inside you will die. All that you are will die.
    • It look like something had destroyed most of the temple and led to a large underground cavern.
    • The party ventured further in where they soon felt the cavern rumbling and the voice of the lich whispering to them.
    • The party entered a hallway where they were ambushed by the dark water.
  • The party escaped the dark water and next entered a large room with a brown dragon made of earth standing guard.
    • Voltaire was able to talk to the dragon
      • The dragon mentioned that Madeline was a clone of Meglan Melamie and that he was guarding the keys to exit the world
      • The dragon seemed to start to trust the party but the lich formed above it and consumed it with dark water.
    • The dragon, now consumed by dark water, attacked the party
    • The party managed to take down the dragon and its followed but its body was badly being eaten away from the dark water.
      • Voltaire used speak with dead to ask the dragon two questions
      • What is Madeline?
        • The dragon answered it is a clone of Meglan and others she has absorbed
      • Who made the dark water and how can it be destroyed?
        • The dragon answered the dark water was made by Kazool and it cannot be unmade.
  • The party found the Book of Earth and found another cave out of the large chamber
    • The cave out appeared to lead through the dark water in the crater above
    • Voltaire froze the water with his ice and the party escaped unscathed.
  • The party returned to the grove and slept for the night
    • The next morning Voltaire and Landon talked to Madeline about Kazool
    • Landon knows Madeline is hiding something about Kazool but she doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t appear to trust Landon.
      • Before Landon could question her further, Madeline said he said you are a bad person and retreated to her hut.
XP Report 3/3/11
March 3rd, 2011 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1000XP)
  • Earth Temple Hallway (2083XP)
  • Drowned Dragon (2833XP)

Experience points earned this session: 5916

  • Total XP for campaign: 102919
  • Current level after game: 18
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 16081

Roleplaying Rewards (1000)

  • Willow (500 XP)
  • The Grove (500 XP)

Earth Temple Hallway (2083 XP)

  • Dark Water, Blue x4 (1667 XP)
  • Dark Water, Purple x1 (417 XP)

Drowned Dragon (2833 XP)

  • Drowned Earth guardian x1 (1167 XP)
  • Large Mud Elemental x2 (833 XP)
  • Lesser Mud Elemental x2 (833 XP)
In memoriam


XP Report 1/9/11

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2250XP)
  • The Keeper of Death (3040XP)

Experience points earned this session: 5290

  • Total XP for campaign: 97003
  • Current level after game: 17
  • XP to next level: 1997

Roleplaying Rewards (2250)

  • The Book of the Elements: Death (750 XP)
  • Dark Dreams (750 XP)
  • Removing the Book of Death (750 XP)

The Keeper of Death (3040 XP)

  • Beholder, Ultimate Tyrant x1 (2533 XP)
  • Magic Bridge x1 (507 XP)
XP Report 1/5/11

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (750XP)
  • Dark Chamber Guardians (3033XP)
  • Hall of the Vanquished (3040XP)

Experience points earned this session: 6823

  • Total XP for campaign: 91713
  • Current level after game: 17
  • XP to next level: 7287

Roleplaying Rewards (750)

  • Firguring out the map (750 XP)

Dark Chamber Guardians (3033 XP)

  • dragonborn annihilator x1 (1633 XP)
  • dragonborn champion x3 (1400 XP)

Hall of the Vanquished (3040 XP)

  • deathshrieker x1 (1013 XP)
  • terrifying iron golem x1 (1013 XP)
  • lich castellan wizard x1 (1013 XP)
Temple in the Swamp
1/5/2011 Game Summary

The Demon Witch, Madeline

  • Madeline said she would tell the group how to leave the world
    • She revealed the group would need to collect a group of books called The Book of the Elements and gather them in a key spot.
    • The books the group needs to collect are Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Life, and Death.
    • Madeline said she would only reveal the place to bring them if the group promised to let her out of the Shadow Plane.
  • Madeline finished the map for the group
    • Revealed the world is made up of bands that travel in opposite directions and loop around each other
    • The group figured out they can use the bands to travel to other parts of the world quickly
    • The group figured out that the bands can also cause travel to some places longer
    • Madeline revealed the location of two of the temples and hints about the remaining ones
      • She revealed the location of one to be in the Black Swamp
      • She revealed the location of another to be at her birthplace

The Black Swamp

  • The group used the bands of the world to travel quickly to the Black Swamp, one of the locations of the books.
  • Voltaire stole Balik Boondoggle Lute but then the group made the mistake of letting the Kender be bored and he stole it and Voltaire’s hat back.

The Temple in the Swamp

  • The group eventually found a temple in a mausoleum in the swamp and entered
  • Inside of a tomb, the group found a long stair case leading down with runes covering the wall
  • The stairs eventually led to a large door which revealed a large room with the floor covered in gold
  • Upon entering the room, the group was attacked
  • The room had a series of falling, rising, and sliding blocks that crushed several enemies.
    • Gate was nearly trapped under a several ton falling block but Voltaire lifted himself and Gate out of the pit and replaced one of the guardians who was smashed with the block.
    • Swabby collected 6,957 gold during the course of the battle.
  • The next room contained a lich with several guardians (including a useless terrifying iron golem)
    • The lich hinted that he was looking for the book too
  • with the lich defeated and turned to dust, the group continued to the next room where they saw a large room with brightly lit bridges. Finally, they saw a mammoth beholder rise from the bit below.
XP Report 12/16/10

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (4000XP)
  • Meeting the Initiate (2000XP)
  • The Crystal Crater (2800XP)

Experience points earned this session: 8800

  • Total XP for campaign: 84890
  • Current level after game: 17
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 14110

Roleplaying Rewards (4000)

  • Willow (1000 XP)
  • Madeline, the Demon Witch of the Woods (2000 XP)
  • Dealing with Angh (1000 XP)

Meeting the Initiate (2000 XP)

  • Angh, Garrotte Initiate x1 (1667 XP)
  • Angh’s Puppets x4 (333 XP)

The Crystal Crater (2800 XP)

  • Dark Water, Purple Tint x10 (2333 XP)
  • Dark Water, Blue Tint x2 (467 XP)
Wandering the Wastes
12/16/10 Game summary

The Shadow Rift

  • The group entered the Shadow Plane and began to figure out some of its oddities
    • Time flows very differently here, one year in the Shadow Plane equals about one year on the material plane.
    • A feeling of hopelessness keeps anyone from getting an extended rest
    • Several people have said that you cannot die while in this plane
    • The landscape seems to shift occasionally
  • The group found a small tree bearing a glowing fruit
    • While near it, the fruit abated the feeling of hopelessness.
    • Once picked, the fruit quickly decays and becomes rotten.
    • The fruit lasts for about four hours once picked, though Voltaire found that freezing may allow to keep for longer.
    • The fruit grows back in about eight hours.

The Crystal Crater

  • The group found a massive crystal crater
  • A crystal pedestal grew in the middle with what looked like a crystal egg held on it
    • It looked like the “egg” hatched some time ago
  • Along one of the walls a large amount of the magical fruit grew
  • Along the opposite wall there was a pool filled with dark water
    • When Phaetari examined the water, creatures made of the water rose from it and attacked.
    • The creatures tried to drain the life of members of the party and nearly killed Balik.
    • The group managed to get away from the dark water creatures

Angh, Garrote Initiate

  • While traveling the wastelands, the group encountered a man in a small grove of trees with a magical fruit.
  • The man, Angh. revealed he was an initiate for the mercenary/assassin group, The Garrote.
  • Angh attacked the group with his puppets but was defeated.
  • Angh agreed to tell the group everything he knew about the shadow plane in return for his release.
    • Angh was to spend a year in the shadow plane, if her survived, the test would be finished and he could leave.
      • Angh was on his 108th day in the shadow plane
      • Angh refused to answer any further questions about the Garrote rituals
    • Angh came into the shadow plane with another initiate but did not know where he was.
      • The initiation was to be a solo quest
    • Angh’s journal revealed his 108 day journey in the shadow plane
      • The journal did not reveal any information about Ash
      • The journal mainly detailed his victims and things he figured out on his journey.
    • He revealed there is a town called Willow a day or two’s journey away
      • The town was being plagued by The Demon Witch, he didn’t care to look into it
    • He hinted that things don’t die in the Shadow Plane
    • He had a rough map of the area but he didn’t seem to put a lot of worth in it.
    • His portal was far to the south but he said it would not open until his 365 are up and even then only for a very short period of time.
  • The group released Angh when they were finished with him


  • Willow appeared to be a shanty town with very little there
  • In the middle of the town there was a willow tree that had a large number of the magical fruits
    • The willow tree is under constant guard.
  • Inside the bar, the group found out about the Demon Witch that had terrorized the town.
    • She supposedly ate people and burned them alive.
    • Most of it was rumors.
  • Phaetari created clean water for the town and in exchange they gave her supplies
  • Voltaire saw a cloaked figure rush into the woods and followed it.

The Demon Witch, Madeline

  • The group tracked the cloak figure to a small grove in the woods
  • The group could hear a faint singing that they recognized
    • It was the song Meglan was singing when they met her in this plane long ago.
  • Upon entering the grove, they saw a young woman singing to herself while reading a book.
    • The woman very closely resembled Leona and Meglan
    • Balik saw that she was reading the journal of a member of the Garrote
  • Phaetari entered the grove and attempted to speak to the woman while Voltaire and Balik snuck around behind her.
    • She was startled and told the group to go away, she didn’t want to hurt them
  • Balik strung his lute and started the woman which made her take the form of the phoenix
    • she attacked the group making them forget she was there or forget their powers, telling them to leave
    • The group calmed her down and she entered her normal form again
  • While she was still edgy, she agreed to talk to the group.
    • She told them her name was Madeline and she was born on that plane.
    • She knew how to leave the world but has not told them how exactly yet
      • she did tell them she could not use the gates the Garrote used, those could only be opened from the outside.
      • She said the way out required several keys.
      • She began modifying the map Angh gave the group to show the location of the keys.
    • She enjoyed reading the journals of the Garrote because she liked reading about the outside world
  • She acted innocent but when Phaetari stepped close to her she felt an overwhelmingly evil aura about her.
  • Madeline says that she has no knowledge of Ash.

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