Voltaire is a wandering Changeling. Whenever he stays in a town, he does so under an assumed identity and does his best to avoid having his Changeling nature be exposed. He has found that people tend to be suspicious of shapeshifters. Moreover, he often became the scapegoat of any debauched public figure wishing to shift blame on his “evil twin”.

Uprooted and without a permanent home or steady job, in order to sustain himself Voltaire has turned “identity theft” in a rather literal way. Using his shapeshifting powers, he would assume the identity of targets that are deceased, missing or traveling and live as them. Living in their house, spending their money and exploiting any connections or privileges they have.

Once he assumed the identity of a nobleman, only to discover that his mark was also a dabbling wizard. In order to keep up appearances he would have to be able to perform magic. However, the arcane tomes in the wizard’s library were beyond Voltaire’s comprehension. In frustration, he attempted to simply “wing it”. To his astonishment, he discovered that this method produced far better results. From then on, he sought to tap into the forces of wild magic as a sorcerer.


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