Balik Boondoggle


Much like any given kender, Balik Boondoggle left home at an early age to satisfy his Wanderlust. Also like any given kender, he found himself happily tagging along with a group of adventurers. Somewhat less typically, he then played an integral role in turning the tide during the War of the Lance. (Although one of his companions summarized his contribution as ‘Making slightly more problems for the enemy than he did for us, marking a small net gain in our favor.) Afterwards, Balik continued his travels with a dwarf who was his best friend and totally loved going on adventures with him. During one such adventure, a book of children’s stories somehow found its way into one of his pouches. The book, which he took to reading at the campfire each night, spoke of a land he had never heard of, and dealt with gods unlike those he was familiar with (and VERY unlike the one he had met personally.) Most of the stories seemed to be about a woman named Meg, who was defeated at the end of every story and came back at the start of the next one. Around the 3rd night he was reading, Balik pulled the book out only to discover that the binding had become human skin, and the pages were now brittle but unbreakable. Being a kender, this only made the book seem more interesting to him. On the night he began the story titled ‘The Dark Water’, he had barely opened the book when something shiny gleamed in the corner of his vision. Moving to investigate, he found a hole in space suddenly yawning underneath him and was engulfed. He came to in what appeared to be a makeshift sleeping area in a hay loft. Unfazed, Balik hopped down to the floor of the stable to begin the exploration of the new world he found himself in. He had a feeling this was going to make a GOOD story.

True to his race, Balik is nimble, curious, and quick to find objects that you must have dropped earlier, isn’t it lucky that he came by to pick it up? While well-trained with the traditional Kender Hoopak, Balik found early on during his adventures in Krynn that his stature and agility lent themselves well to small blades, and has since become a master at wielding daggers. (plus, it seems like he NEVER runs out of them anymore! He just keeps finding more! Isn’t that lucky?) Like most Kender, Balik literally lives for new experiences, and is unlikely to look before he leaps- literally in some cases. That this has occasionally ended in grievous bodily harm (and in one case most of his flesh being melted off of his bones) has done little, if anything, to discourage him. After happening across a Fat Lute in a shop, Balik has become strongly enamored of the idea of becoming a noted Kender Bard, someday returning to his homelands to sing ballads of his great adventures.

His full name is Balik Mishi Everclever IsHat Murderskill Boondoggle.

Balik Boondoggle

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