Phaetari's former companion, now viewed - against his wishes - as a leader among his people.


After the events of Doomsday, Ash felt that he must return to his tribe to ensure their safety. His debt to Phaetari repaid, he vanished into the forest without a trace.

By the time Ash found his people, word had already spread about his part in the battles and his people welcomed him back as a hero and began to turn to him for judgments that would normally be sought from the elders of the tribe. This began to cause political tension among the tribe, even as Ash told his new found followers that he had no intention of being a leader.

After a year, Ash had enough of the constant bickering and unwanted attention. He left in the middle of the night and told no one where he was going or what he intended to do. In time his tribe moved on and only a few self-anointed disciples continued to search for what had become of their hero.


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