The Shadow Rift

What happened since last game

The world knows very little of what actually happened last game. As far as most people know, The First (Meglan Melamie) never existed and it was The Evil (Hatred) that started the war. For the people that want to be known, people know your names but they assumed you had a final showdown with The Evil and, with Teabob’s help, ended the war.

Over the past five or so years nothing on a world scale has happened and it’s been all around peaceful.

  • The events of last game happened about five years ago.
  • The Veil was lifted and the Elves are in the world again
  • With the help of Mainspring, Gate, and Leona the Warforged have their own nation and own people.
    • There has been some resistance to the nation and there is an established group that is openly against the nation forming. For the most part people are alright with it, but there are groups that believe seeing the Warforged as a people is an abomination.
  • Pirate activity has increased dramatically in the west…
  • There’s a new mercenary/assassin’s guild that popped up overnight. They aren’t exactly evil but they aren’t good either. They often take care of big things that would give all of you trouble but they charge huge fees and often extort people. If the people don’t pay, they let go or redo whatever they undid or captured.
  • Evil and good are common parts of the world now but overall everything has been in balance.
  • After the Elves took control of Meglan, nobody knows where she is or what her status is.
  • You have been able to keep track of each other with the rings. They let you track people when the ring is on and communicate (the stone blinks as if it’s an answering machine message).
    • Ash has been out of contact for some time now (probably about a year).
  • Teabob was credited with a large amount of the work done to end the way with The Evil and has since become a houehold hero.

Feel free to add adventure log posts with what your characters have been up to the past five years! You’re more or less some of the strongest people in the world at the moment so have fun.



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