The Shadow Rift

Wandering the Wastes

12/16/10 Game summary

The Shadow Rift

  • The group entered the Shadow Plane and began to figure out some of its oddities
    • Time flows very differently here, one year in the Shadow Plane equals about one year on the material plane.
    • A feeling of hopelessness keeps anyone from getting an extended rest
    • Several people have said that you cannot die while in this plane
    • The landscape seems to shift occasionally
  • The group found a small tree bearing a glowing fruit
    • While near it, the fruit abated the feeling of hopelessness.
    • Once picked, the fruit quickly decays and becomes rotten.
    • The fruit lasts for about four hours once picked, though Voltaire found that freezing may allow to keep for longer.
    • The fruit grows back in about eight hours.

The Crystal Crater

  • The group found a massive crystal crater
  • A crystal pedestal grew in the middle with what looked like a crystal egg held on it
    • It looked like the “egg” hatched some time ago
  • Along one of the walls a large amount of the magical fruit grew
  • Along the opposite wall there was a pool filled with dark water
    • When Phaetari examined the water, creatures made of the water rose from it and attacked.
    • The creatures tried to drain the life of members of the party and nearly killed Balik.
    • The group managed to get away from the dark water creatures

Angh, Garrote Initiate

  • While traveling the wastelands, the group encountered a man in a small grove of trees with a magical fruit.
  • The man, Angh. revealed he was an initiate for the mercenary/assassin group, The Garrote.
  • Angh attacked the group with his puppets but was defeated.
  • Angh agreed to tell the group everything he knew about the shadow plane in return for his release.
    • Angh was to spend a year in the shadow plane, if her survived, the test would be finished and he could leave.
      • Angh was on his 108th day in the shadow plane
      • Angh refused to answer any further questions about the Garrote rituals
    • Angh came into the shadow plane with another initiate but did not know where he was.
      • The initiation was to be a solo quest
    • Angh’s journal revealed his 108 day journey in the shadow plane
      • The journal did not reveal any information about Ash
      • The journal mainly detailed his victims and things he figured out on his journey.
    • He revealed there is a town called Willow a day or two’s journey away
      • The town was being plagued by The Demon Witch, he didn’t care to look into it
    • He hinted that things don’t die in the Shadow Plane
    • He had a rough map of the area but he didn’t seem to put a lot of worth in it.
    • His portal was far to the south but he said it would not open until his 365 are up and even then only for a very short period of time.
  • The group released Angh when they were finished with him


  • Willow appeared to be a shanty town with very little there
  • In the middle of the town there was a willow tree that had a large number of the magical fruits
    • The willow tree is under constant guard.
  • Inside the bar, the group found out about the Demon Witch that had terrorized the town.
    • She supposedly ate people and burned them alive.
    • Most of it was rumors.
  • Phaetari created clean water for the town and in exchange they gave her supplies
  • Voltaire saw a cloaked figure rush into the woods and followed it.

The Demon Witch, Madeline

  • The group tracked the cloak figure to a small grove in the woods
  • The group could hear a faint singing that they recognized
    • It was the song Meglan was singing when they met her in this plane long ago.
  • Upon entering the grove, they saw a young woman singing to herself while reading a book.
    • The woman very closely resembled Leona and Meglan
    • Balik saw that she was reading the journal of a member of the Garrote
  • Phaetari entered the grove and attempted to speak to the woman while Voltaire and Balik snuck around behind her.
    • She was startled and told the group to go away, she didn’t want to hurt them
  • Balik strung his lute and started the woman which made her take the form of the phoenix
    • she attacked the group making them forget she was there or forget their powers, telling them to leave
    • The group calmed her down and she entered her normal form again
  • While she was still edgy, she agreed to talk to the group.
    • She told them her name was Madeline and she was born on that plane.
    • She knew how to leave the world but has not told them how exactly yet
      • she did tell them she could not use the gates the Garrote used, those could only be opened from the outside.
      • She said the way out required several keys.
      • She began modifying the map Angh gave the group to show the location of the keys.
    • She enjoyed reading the journals of the Garrote because she liked reading about the outside world
  • She acted innocent but when Phaetari stepped close to her she felt an overwhelmingly evil aura about her.
  • Madeline says that she has no knowledge of Ash.



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