The Shadow Rift

The Maze of Shattered Souls

11/22/2010 Game Summary

The Labyrinth

  • The group found the labyrinth that housed the Maze of Shattered Souls.
  • The group encountered an even more intense uneasy feeling that Voltaire remembered having when they first met The First.
  • Since the group could get a restful sleep in the labyrinth, they decided to forgo sleep and push on.
  • The first obstacle they faced was a massive chasm that Voltaire flew across Balik Boondoggle and a rope so the rest of the party could get across. Gate was the last one across and used the rope to swing across. He made it across but slammed into the side of the cliff.
  • The next obstacle the group encountered was a lava flow that the group had to inch across. Balik attempted to ride Gate across but failed and burned himself. Voltaire used his ice magic to cool the flow which made it more bearable.
  • The group next encountered a large open area that had flame jets randomly erupt from the ground. Landon noticed a foul smell and a distinctive sound come before the flame spurts and warned the group. Even with this warning, the group still had a very difficult time getting through this area.
  • During that day, a native group attacked the group. Each of these natives carried a disease called the Filthy Plague that Balik and Phaetari both caught and experienced its worst stages.
  • The final obstacle the group experienced was a massive landslide. Landon used his angelic protector to carry the group over the land slide.
  • Finally, that night, the group founded the entrance to the Maze of Shattered Sould.

The Maze of Shattered Souls

  • The group found members of Emerald Claw waiting outside the maze. The two forces attacked each other and the group came out victorious.
  • Voltaire questioned ones of the members.
    • He knew nothing of Meglan of The First
    • He spoke of an artifact that they already controlled in the maze
    • He said they were too late, they would cover the earth in darkness.
    • He said he knew whereAsh was but would only tell the group if they let him go.
    • Voltaire felt he was lying or would betray the group and trapped him in stone before he gave up Ash’s location.
  • Inside the maze the characters found several demons wandering the maze that and attacked the group.
    • Balik bravely ventured into a large pool that turned out to be a large pool of acid that could be used to teleport from room to room.
    • Hammurabi of the Black Blade found a strange cloud of mist that his demon spawn was immune to but he was not. The cloud forced him to attack his allies and wander in random directions.



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