The Shadow Rift

The Drowned Dragon

March 3rd, 2011 Game Summary

  • The party decided to that it would be good to go to Willow for any supplies before venturing out
    • Balik Boondoggle and Voltaire decided it would be best if they went since they could move quicker and without notice.
    • Upon arriving at Willow, they found the town completely empty and the fruit tree dead.
    • When Voltaire opened up the tavern and goods shop, he saw several of the citizens covered in dark water.
    • Voltaire and Balik started to fly away when a lich appeared behind them.
    • The lich started talking about the darkness and how they were tainted
    • Before the lich could attack, Voltaire and Balik flew back to Madeline Melamie’s grove.
    • Balik and Voltaire informed the party that Willow was no more.
  • The party decided to go to the next temple they knew the location of, the Temple of Earth.
    • Madeline had marked this temple as birthplace.
    • The temple was located in the crystal crater that the party had found shortly after arriving on the shadow plane
    • The pool of dark water was there, but they didn’t see anything rise out of it.
    • Gate found a cave behind the wall of fruit and another inside the dark water
  • The door behind the fruit led down to what looked like a dungeon created by the dwarves.
    • The walls of the stair way leading down was covered in mad scribblings
      • The light you bring will die. The light inside you will die. All that you are will die.
    • It look like something had destroyed most of the temple and led to a large underground cavern.
    • The party ventured further in where they soon felt the cavern rumbling and the voice of the lich whispering to them.
    • The party entered a hallway where they were ambushed by the dark water.
  • The party escaped the dark water and next entered a large room with a brown dragon made of earth standing guard.
    • Voltaire was able to talk to the dragon
      • The dragon mentioned that Madeline was a clone of Meglan Melamie and that he was guarding the keys to exit the world
      • The dragon seemed to start to trust the party but the lich formed above it and consumed it with dark water.
    • The dragon, now consumed by dark water, attacked the party
    • The party managed to take down the dragon and its followed but its body was badly being eaten away from the dark water.
      • Voltaire used speak with dead to ask the dragon two questions
      • What is Madeline?
        • The dragon answered it is a clone of Meglan and others she has absorbed
      • Who made the dark water and how can it be destroyed?
        • The dragon answered the dark water was made by Kazool and it cannot be unmade.
  • The party found the Book of Earth and found another cave out of the large chamber
    • The cave out appeared to lead through the dark water in the crater above
    • Voltaire froze the water with his ice and the party escaped unscathed.
  • The party returned to the grove and slept for the night
    • The next morning Voltaire and Landon talked to Madeline about Kazool
    • Landon knows Madeline is hiding something about Kazool but she doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t appear to trust Landon.
      • Before Landon could question her further, Madeline said he said you are a bad person and retreated to her hut.



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