The Shadow Rift

The Days Before the Game

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that is happening before the game actually starts.

Day 0

  • Late into the night Ash’s ring sends the following message that is full of static and appears to be missing some words: I’ve found evidence…in trouble in…North…help…”

Day 1

  • Mainspring is, more than anything, annoyed that something he made isn’t working right. He’ll send out a message asking everyone if they heard any more of Ash’s message than he did, and seeing if they want to meet up and try to find Ash- the message came from north of Foundry so if everyone else is south they could meet up there and proceed. Plus then he can show off his work from the past 5 years. He’s very proud of it.
  • Voltaire‘s reply via the message ring comes through in a disinterested tone _"Yeah I got part of Ash’s message. Something about evidence and trouble up north.“_ Then his tone picks up noticeably _”So Mainspring, since I got you on the line, how feasible would say it would be to convert a ship into an airship?"_
  • Mainspring, both his curiosity and sense of competition with gnomes suddenly piqued, recharges the daily power on his ring and asks Voltaire for a long list of specifications on the ship in question- dimensions, composition, weight, desired functionality, etc.
  • Phaetari’s ring sends a message saying that her message from Ash was unclear too and that she and her guardian are on their way to Foundry.
  • Ash’s ring sends the following message: “Thanks for inviting me to your city! That’s awfully courteous of you, all things considered. I’m certainly interested in seeing your work. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon, thanks to this ring.”
  • Hammurabi’s ring sends the following message: “I hate to be the dark cloud upon this auspicious reunion but your city does not sound like a safe place to meet. In three days look to the skies and you will see Shaheen (my hawk) circling the skies. He will be carrying a message for any members of the party that he recognizes. He has been instructed to come to only those that he knows. This is the last you will hear from me on this ring. I am now removing it to a safe location. Three days!”
  • After receiving Hammurabi’s message, the group lost contact with the ring and can no longer tell his direction.
  • Gate‘s ring sent the following message: "the city is perfectly safe… I’m always at the Gate… get Gate is at the Gate…"



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