The Shadow Rift

Temple in the Swamp

1/5/2011 Game Summary

The Demon Witch, Madeline

  • Madeline said she would tell the group how to leave the world
    • She revealed the group would need to collect a group of books called The Book of the Elements and gather them in a key spot.
    • The books the group needs to collect are Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Life, and Death.
    • Madeline said she would only reveal the place to bring them if the group promised to let her out of the Shadow Plane.
  • Madeline finished the map for the group
    • Revealed the world is made up of bands that travel in opposite directions and loop around each other
    • The group figured out they can use the bands to travel to other parts of the world quickly
    • The group figured out that the bands can also cause travel to some places longer
    • Madeline revealed the location of two of the temples and hints about the remaining ones
      • She revealed the location of one to be in the Black Swamp
      • She revealed the location of another to be at her birthplace

The Black Swamp

  • The group used the bands of the world to travel quickly to the Black Swamp, one of the locations of the books.
  • Voltaire stole Balik Boondoggle Lute but then the group made the mistake of letting the Kender be bored and he stole it and Voltaire’s hat back.

The Temple in the Swamp

  • The group eventually found a temple in a mausoleum in the swamp and entered
  • Inside of a tomb, the group found a long stair case leading down with runes covering the wall
  • The stairs eventually led to a large door which revealed a large room with the floor covered in gold
  • Upon entering the room, the group was attacked
  • The room had a series of falling, rising, and sliding blocks that crushed several enemies.
    • Gate was nearly trapped under a several ton falling block but Voltaire lifted himself and Gate out of the pit and replaced one of the guardians who was smashed with the block.
    • Swabby collected 6,957 gold during the course of the battle.
  • The next room contained a lich with several guardians (including a useless terrifying iron golem)
    • The lich hinted that he was looking for the book too
  • with the lich defeated and turned to dust, the group continued to the next room where they saw a large room with brightly lit bridges. Finally, they saw a mammoth beholder rise from the bit below.



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