The Shadow Rift

Meglan's History

As told by Duedras at the end of The Doomsday Clock

The Creation

Little is known about Meglan Melamie, or The First as she is sometimes known. What is known is she was the first being created by the gods. During her creation, Hatred, or The Evil, wanted her under his control and put more of his power into her, corrupting her.

Her power grew at an alarming rate and she soon yearned for Hatreds power and sought to destroy him. Succeeding at her first attempt at killing a god, she then set her eyes on Cassandra, The Light. With her own power and the godly power she stole from Hatred she destroyed Cassandra nearly effortlessly. Duedras, The Balance, peered into the future and saw his own demise and the fall of the world they had worked so hard to create. His only option was to take drastic measures and change the past.

At the point of Meglan’s creation when time began, he informed the gods of her power and Hatred’s treachery. The gods fearing for themselves and their newly created world immediately killed her and started creation of a new being.

But history has a way of fixing itself and a demon observed the event.

With the gods working on their new creation the demon resurrected Meglan and thus created the demon race, the Vashar. The demon told Meglan of Duedras’ meddling and so Meglan once again began to build her power. After an unknown amount of years, the Vashar race thrived in secret and built an army that would destroy The Balance and anything else that stood in their way.

The First War

Meglan led her new army against Duedras and nearly crushed him. Only by the sacrifice of several lesser gods was he able to survive and ask his brother and sister, Hatred and Cassandra, for help. With the combined effort of Cassandra, Hatred, and Duedras they were able to subdue Meglan and push back the Vashar.

The gods feared that she might build her power again and banished her soul to The Abyss. Content that she could never escape, the gods went their own ways and Meglan was not heard from again for thousands of years.

The Return

After thousands of years of quiet the gods thought Meglan could not return until one day a portal to the Abyss opened and Meglan stepped out followed by an army of umbral blots. Meglan immediately had the umbral blots erase existence erasing the gods followers and robbing them of their power.

What followed was a one hundred year war where the gods once again joined forces. Angels, devils, and mortals fought alongside to right the chaos that was happening on every plain of existence. Meglan knew she could will herself out of the Abyss and knew nothing else could. She knew no matter where the gods sent her soul she would still exist and still return.

During the war Meglan sought to reestablish contact with The Vashar to allow her to fight on multiple fronts. It was at this time that Hatred created a devil, Torment, that could enter the minds of others and subdue them and unknown to the gods possibly even control them.

While fighting through Hell, Hatred took the opportunity to have Torment slip in. Torment entered her mind and subdued her. Meglan fell and her control over the umbral blots was lost. With nothing to control them the umbral blots faded back into the Abyss and the war seemed to be over.

The gods created a plane of existence, The Shadow Plane, that not even they could leave normally. They created this plane as a prison and closely guarded the keys. Meglan’s soul was imprisoned in a small stone and placed inside the Shadow Plane. The other gods begrudgingly allowed Torment to stay inside her mind.

The War of the Phoenix

Once again, all was quiet on the planes for a thousand years and Meglan seemed completely subdued. Hatred began a plan that would put him in control of the multiverse and that plan involved controlling Meglan. Behind the gods back he entered the shadow plane and released Meglan.

After thousands of years in her head, Torment had complete control over Meglan. Hatred took his new puppet and made her a general in his army as he began to attack Cassandra’s and Duedras’ followers. All seemed to be going well for Hatred but unknnown to him the time in the material plane seemed to lessen his control over Meglan.

While she did not realize her true potential, her rebellious spirit came out and she turned on Hatred. She hungered for power and betrayed Hatred. In what was to be the final battle between Hatred’s and Cassandra’s forces she struck. Using the power she collected from The Phoenix she raised a mountain and dropped it on both armies. Both armies were instantly killed and she assumed control over the material plane for the next several years.

The gods used what little power they had left to influence a group of adventurers. The group was able to amass an army that attacked Meglan. While many were lost the army distracted Meglan and the gods appeared before her. They opened a portal to the Shadow Plane that sucked them and everything near them, trapping them all.

Meglan once again was trapped, or so they thought.

The Fallen Paladin

After hundreds of years of being active in the Shadow Plane, Meglan found a small hole that could communicate with the outside world. Still not knowing who she really was, she only sought release from the torture of being in the Shadow Plane and wanted to die. She was able to call out to a paladin who listened to her plea.

Meglan knew she couldn’t leave the shadow plane and couldn’t die while in the shadow plane. She told the paladin, Solisar, that in exchange for her death she would destroy the shadow plane letting every soul she had imprisoned there die. Solisar decided her plea was genuine and agreed to help her. He allowed Meglan to enter his mind and control him.

Using Solisar she created a door into the shadow plane. The adventurers who trapped so many years earlier were sent to investigate the door and got sucked into the shadow plane. There, they met Meglan where she informed them of her plan. She also informed them that the chosen of Hatred, Kazool, was imprisoned there. She told them that he planned to leave this plane too but was going to destroy everything to do it.

Hatred died on the way to the shadow plane where his soul was trapped. With his god fallen Kazool’s only option was to destroy everything. His plan was to crash the negative energy plane into the shadow plane destroying every plane the shadow plane touched, including the material plane.

Meglan said she didn’t care how she died but decided to atone for her past acts. Trapped, they had little choice.

The adventuring group had a small window of opportunity to destroy the shadow plane, stop Kazool, and still escape before everything in the shadow plane was destroyed. With the ritual in motion Meglan agreed to stop Kazool long enough for the adventuring group to escape while the ritual completed.

Meglan was able to stop Kazool and moments before the ritual completed she saw the door to the material plane closing. The influx of power sparked something in her and she remembered who she was and her past. She wanted to live again. Moments before everything in the shadow plane was destroyed forever, she escaped.

The Return

With her memory in tact, Meglan immediately waged war upon the world. Her anger clouded her judgment and she attacked without a plan and without mercy. Not being at full power she wasn’t able to wage war upon the gods but she was still strong enough to viciously kill everything she saw on the mortal on the plane.

The gods were still weakened from their imprisonment in the shadow plane too and were able to do little to help. They once again asked the adventurers to do what they could to stop her. Weakened, they were able to kill her but she quickly returned. She wasn’t at full power but she remembered how to survive and will her soul back into existence. Meglan also managed to find a way to her people, the Vashar, from the Underdark. The Vashar attacked the underdark and then ravished the elven lands, killing nearly everything there.

Every time she was killed she returned and worse yet, she started stealing the minds and souls of those fighting her. The gods feared that she would destroy everything again and were forced to recreate the shadow plane again.

The shadow plane is a mysterious entity that few understand. With its recreation it also grabbed the souls of those it destroyed when it was destroyed including the evil god Hatred. Though it caused the gods much sorrow, it was their only choice.

The adventurers confronted Meglan one more time to push her back into the shadow plane. She could sense the return of the shadow plane and tried everything she could to stop from returning to that place. When she knew she had finally lost, she cast one final spell that sucked the adventurers in with her.

The gods locked the shadow plane again and destroyed every key to it vowing to never let her back into the world. Nearly powerless, the gods created The Veil to keep The Vashar from spilling into the rest of the world.

The Last War

Once again, peace reigned for thousands of years. The Evil and Meglan were both excised from the world which let Cassandra thrive. The Balance was upset which caused things beyond even Duedras’ control to set in motion.

Both Meglan and Hatred were able to contact the material plane and both enacted plans to allow their return.

Meglan used her power to manipulate the world into believing The Evil was back and wage war on the already weakened Hatred. During this time she manipulated others into building a portal that opened a lost gate to the shadow plane. Meglan entered the world at nearly full power and immediately begin destroying it piece by piece.

Duedras stopped time and revived a new group of heroes. He knew that killing and trapping her did not work and altering the time line could only result in catastrophic consequences. His only option was to have the heroes rob Meglan of her consciousness. Only by turning her into a vegetable forever could they forever stop her.

The heroes entered her mind and one by one tore down her shards of consciousness. With her final piece of consciousness tore down, Meglan collapsed. She was alive but incapable of any conscious functions.

Duedras gave her body to the elves for safe keeping where she is constantly moved and guarded.



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