The Shadow Rift

Journey to the Maze Inside the Labyrinth

11/17/2010 Game Summary

At Foundry

  • All the characters received a broken message from Ash followed by an ominous message from his ring the next day.
  • The characters all met at Foundry to discuss their options
  • Mainspring and Voltaire relentlessly discussed plans for an airship.
  • The group met Balik Boondoggle, a Kender from another world, and Landon, Phaetari’s new replacement.
  • Balik found a map with Ash’s ring pointing to a location inside the Demon Wastes
  • The group decided to follow the map in order to find Ash.

Festering Holt is a festering holt.

  • After finding little in Merylswarrd the group traveled through the mountains to Festering Holt, a small town inside the Demon Wastes
  • There, the group found The Emerald Claw clan Ash was apparently investigating.
    • The Emerald Claw is a sect of Druids determined to cover the world with shadow
  • By questioning a local Sea Hag and a vagrant half-orc the group learned that the Emerald Claw was going to The Maze of Shattered Souls.
    • The Maze of Shattered Souls is located somewhere inside of the labyrinth, a series of ever changing twisting canyons meant to keep foolish adventurers out and evil things in.



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