The Shadow Rift

Bonus Points!

Rules for BP's

BP Awards

During the game BP’s (Bonus Points) are rewarded at the DM’s discretion for thefollowing:

  • Daring acts
  • Roleplaying creatively
  • Acing skill challenges
  • Being awesome

BP Usage

BP’s come in +1 BP and +2 BP chips and are used to add that number to any roll you wish.

  • +1 BP chips may be used before or after a roll
  • +2 BP chips may only be used before a roll

If you declare the use of a +2 BP chip before a roll, it is added to the roll’s “natural” value turning a 19 into a crit!

You may hold as many BP chips as you like but you can only use one per roll, in other words, they do no stack.

BP Awards at the end of the game

At the end of the game the group gets to hand out a +2 BP chip and a +1 BP chip to anyone one or two people in the group. It’s completely up to the group who gets the two chips and why they are awarded them. It could be they are the ones that killed the most minions in a single blow, pissed off the GM the most, roleplayed the best, someone brought food, or just to cheer Travis up when he’s rolling badly again.

The only rule in this is you should not vote for yourself when deciding who gets the bonus BP.



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